Loren Sands-Ramshaw

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  • Full-stack web and mobile app developer
  • UX design
  • Security
  • Web performance
  • 60fps CSS animations and interactions
  • Tech:
    • Favored: Meteor, Cordova, Coffeescript, MongoDB, Mocha
    • Also: Node, ES6, Ionic, SQL, Backbone, Cucumber
    • Learning: React, React Native, GraphQL, Ionic 2/Angular
    • Rusty: Rails, Ruby, Android Native, Java, C, Scheme, Haskell, PL/pgSQL

:: Parlay App 2014-Present

Parlay App

Challenge your friends about anything.

For money, bragging rights, or charitable donations.

:: Payo 2013-Present


Payo – Paleo Mayo: a healthy mayonnaise.

Only virgin-oil mayo, lowest omega-6, free-range organic eggs.

:: Ferro 2013


Efficiency & accessibility Chrome extension providing a launcher / command line for the browser.

Open Source

:: meteor/meteor

Maintainer of the Meteor.js framework.

:: meteor/guide

Contributor to the official Meteor Guide.

:: lorensr/login-links

Meteor package for adding magic autologin links, like Slack.

:: lorensr/roles-restricted

Meteor package for temporarily restricting a user's authorization.

:: parlaywithme/meteor-synapsepay

Meteor package for making ACH transactions through SynapsePay.

:: jamielob/reloader

Meteor package for better hot code push updates for Cordova apps.

Past Work

:: National Security Agency 2010-2012

NSA logo

Global Network Vulnerability Analyst

  • Developed apps with Rails, Backbone, and Android
  • Member of the Computer Network Operations Development Program
  • TS//SCI clearance

:: Dartmouth College Computer Science 2007-2009

Dartmouth logo

  • Assisted professors with teaching nine courses.
  • Taught weekly sections of about ten students.
  • Held lab and office hours.

:: The Pragmatic Bookshelf 2011-Present

The Pragmatic Programmer

Technical reviewer.

  • Manage Your Project Portfolio
  • Seven Mobile Apps in Seven Weeks
  • Secure Your Node.js Web Application
  • Creating Great Teams
  • Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Mac Kung Fu
  • Learn to Program in Objective C
  • Seven Databases in Seven Weeks
  • The Rails View

:: National Cryptologic School 2010-2012

NSA logo

Coursework included network security, web application security, computer network operations, malware analysis, assembly language, network programming, C programming, Linux and Windows kernels, and cryptography.

:: Dartmouth College 2006-2010

Dartmouth logo

Bachelor's in Computer Science, magna cum laude.

Honors thesis: Creating Large Disturbances in the Power Grid: Methods of Attack After Cyber Infiltration

Led co-ed fraternity and a cappella group.